Fingerboard Doorway Mounting System

Neat doorway mounting system fits most climbing fingerboards and allows instant slide in/slide out mounting

Price: £40.00


The new Beacon Climbing Fingerboard Doorway Mounting System accepts almost any climbing fingerboard and allows convenient slide in/slide out mounting. Adjustable to fit most door frame widths, simply slide the Mounting System into the door frame brackets or slide out when not in use.


Screw your finger board directly to the Mounting Board or utilise the 7 pre-drilled holes complete with tee-nut fixings, and bolt on different mirrored climbing holds from the Beacon System Sets range.


Specification & Features...

  • Versatile climbing fingerboard Mounting System allows instant removal when not in use.
  • Fully adjustable to fit most doorways (max width 86.5cm, min width 73cm).
  • Accepts most climbing fingerboards (Mounting Board dimensions 69cm width x 30cm height)
  • NOT compatible with the Beacon Fender Fingerboard.
  • Can be used as a fingerboard by bolting on climbing holds.
  • Inconspicuous and neat Doorway Brackets
  • All fixings included.
  • Shipping dimensions:  31cm x 8cm x 70cm 
  • Shipping weight: 4.2kgs



Download the Mounting System user instructions

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